Flow computers and correctors

Flow computers and volume correctors creation for gas and liquid mediums using various measurement methods on turn-key basis. Our devices also can be developed for all types of meters (turbine, rotary, vortex, ultrasonic, etc). Following communication interfaces are supported: USB, RS-232/485, Ethernet, GPRS, LoRaWan, Bluetooth. Deep archiving (min 6 months and more) availability. Low temperature resistance and ability to work using power from battery. Full development cycle: from technical papers & docs to mass production setup. Development cycle also includes: design and manufacturing of PCB taking into account communication interfaces and required power consumption, LCD selection or manufacturing, device body production, design of intrinsically safe electrical circuits and selection of Ex bodies for special orders, software development - firmware with GOST compliant algorithms implementation and configuration software for monitoring and archives sorting, providing initial factory tests, certification for Russia legal compliance.